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lunes, 1 de febrero de 2010

Recursos para preparar el examen Oral

Hi Classmates!

En esta página tienes cientos de preguntas por temas para practicar con algún compañero:

I hope this information will be useful.


4 comentarios:

  1. Dear Sir,

    Thank you very much, I´d like to give thanks by his information about topics, so I´m studying second-basic at the Language School. Although I´m too much old, I remember that never I can speak English at school when I was a younger, desafortunatelly it was of other form the system of study about idioms.
    Greetings from Granada

    1. I´m sorry very much, I need to rectify something, 'I remember that never I COULD speak...'
      Excuse for my mistakes

    2. Hello, I write you to tell that idioms are phrases currently in use in British, so the appropiate Word would be languages
      kind regards

  2. Me lo descargo a ver si le doy uso ahora que tengo unas cuantas horas libres, muchas gracias por compartirlo!