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domingo, 11 de enero de 2009

Information about English (Conversation) Club

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Greetings to all!!

My name is North. I know some of you from a German Stamtish some months ago. I have been talking with Fulgen about organizing an English (Conversation) Club in where we can practice our oral English. In the meetings we can have:

- Debates (like the advantages of transgenic beer or the basics of creating a new religion xD).
- Cine forums.
- Games based on speech.
- Everyday chat.
- Role play games.
- Anything that the attendants come up with (whatever permit us to talk English in a fun way ^^)

I'm about to reserve a room in Yesqueros place, where we can meet every week or every two weeks. Why in Yesqueros and not in a bar? Well, my experience with the "Erasmus Coffees" I have been organizing during these years showed the following advantages:

- No smoking! It's really a pleasure to return home and have no smoke smell all over your body... :)
- We can make there a wider range of activities (for instance, we can use the projector and the like).
- Easier to talk and to listen. In a bar there is a critical mass of about 5-6 people for which everybody can listen to everybody else. In case of 8+ people, it's impossible to listen a central conversation, and the people start talking only with the people beside them.
- It's gratis! (yes, the word exists xD). You don't have to feel forced to buy anything in order to talk English for a while.
- It's easier to be known by other people and increase assistance, as long as Yesqueros is a very active social meeting point.

Anyway, we can test it for a few months, and see if it works. If we like it, we continue with it. Else, we can rearrange the meetings in a bar or wherever. The important thing right now is to form a conversation group. :)

I suggest beginning the meetings every first and third Thursday of the month, from 20.00 to 22.00 in Yesqueros. Please feel free to suggest in the comments whatever day or hour is suitable for you, and we can arrange the meetings for what is best for the majority (if availabe in Yesqueros). You can make tell your opinion about:
- Which name would you like to have for the activity? English Club? Conversation Club? English, We Speak? The Murcian-English Dark Sect?
- How often? Once per week? Once per month? Once per life? xD
- What time is best for you? (Yesqueros closes at 22.00).
- We can reserve the first day to talk about the possible activities, but you can suggest right now if inspiration strikes you ;)

I need two DNIs photocopies for reserving the place (plus mine, of course).

See you!

For more information contact

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