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domingo, 17 de mayo de 2009

Common Verbs and Adjectives with Prepositions

agree with
apologize for
apply for
apply to
approve of
argue for
argue with
arrive at
arrive in
be absent from
be accused of
be accustomed to
be acquainted with
be addicted to
be afraid of
be angry at
be angry with
be annoyed at
be annoyed with
be associated with
be aware of
be capable of
be cluttered with
be committed to
be composed of
be concerned about
be connected to
be content with
be convinced of
be coordinated with
be covered with
be crowded with
be devoted to
be disappointed in
be disappointed with
be discriminated against
be divorced from
be done with
be dressed in
be engaged to
be envious of
be equipped with
be excited about
be exhausted from
be exposed to
be faithful to
be familiar with
be filled with
be finished with
be fond of
be frightened of
be friendly to
be friendly with
be frightened by
be furnished with
be gone from
be grateful for
be grateful to
be guilty of
be innocent of
be interested in
be involved with
be jealous of
be known for
be limited to
be located in
be located to
be made from
be made of
be married to
be opposed to
be pleased with
be polite with
be prepared for
be prepared to
be proud of
be qualified for
be related to
be relevant to
be responsible for
be satisfied with
be terrified of
be tired of
be upset with
be used to
be worried about
believe in
blame (someone) for
compare to
compare with
complain about
complain of
consist of
contribute to
count on
count upon
decide on
decide upon
depend on
distinguish from
dream about
dream of
escape from
excel at
excel in
excuse for
feel for
fight for
forgive (someone) for
have a reason for
have an excuse for
hide from
hope for
insist on
introduce to
keep (someone) from (doing something)
look forward to
object to
participate in
pray for
prevent (someone) from (doing something)
prohibit (someone) from (doing something)
recover from
rescue from
respond to
stop (someone) from (doing something)
succeed in
take advantage of
take care of
talk about
talk of
thank someone for
think about
think of

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